Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

What is it?
Sinus tarsi syndrome is a problem that causes pain on the outside of the ankle joint. It is most commonly caused by an ankle sprain in which the foot rolls outwards. This stretches the structures in the rearfoot. It can also be caused by a very flat foot that rolls inwards at the ankle joint which compresses the structures in the rearfoot. The pain is often aggravated when on uneven surfaces and there may be a feeling of instability.

How to treat it?
The best approach to sinus tarsi syndrome is to:

  1. Avoid the activities that aggravate it or cut back on them
  2. Wear supportive and stable shoes
  3. An ankle brace or sleeve may help during activities
  4. Do plenty of exercises, such as balancing on one foot and rolling the ankle around to its full range of motion

When to see the doctor?
See a doctor when there is no improvement of doing the above. X-rays or a CT scan may be needed to confirm the diagnosis. Often mobilization exercises from a physical therapist or injections into the area of cortisone are needed to help.

More Information:
Sinus tarsi syndrome


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