How to Help Your Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

What is it?
Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain in adults. It is a painful condition of the plantar fascia which is a long ligament that’s role is to pretty much support the arch of the foot. The pain is most often near where it attaches to the the bottom of the heel bone. The classic symptom of plantar fasciitis is that it is most painful after rest. This can be especially bad when getting out of bed in the morning after a nights rest.

How to manage it?
There are lots of myths and bad advice being given online as well as snake oil being sold for plantar fasciitis. The condition is due to too much load on the plantar fascia, so obviously the best way to treat it is to reduce that load. You do that by lots of calf muscle stretching, wearing good foot supports and if you can, loose weight. It is that simple. If you get that right, it will generally go away. If it doesn’t, then do more of it and then also add in some ice, anti-inflammatories and other physical therapies to help it heal. However, it is still crucial that the load is reduced. Once it starts to get better then add in some strengthening exercises.

When to see the doctor?
If none of that helps, then its time to see the doctor for more aggressive therapies such a proper foot orthotics, shock wave therapy or even surgery in the most resistant cases.

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