Do Toning Shoes Help?

What are they?
Toning shoes area class of footwear that is what is considered unstable. They have designs in the sole that creates an environment in which the muscles of the foot and leg work harder and changes the alignment of the posture. The extra effort from the muscles is claimed to give an extra tone up, which is how the shoes got there name. The change in alignment also is claimed to help with some postural alignment problems. There is a lot of marketing hype associated with these shoes which is not supported by the scientific evidence.

Do they help?
The problem with toning shoes is that they help some people and do not help other people. Some people can walk fine in them, others fall over in them! They are more likely to help people with arthritis of the big toe joint than other problems. Some of the companies claim they help plantar fasciitis, but some people get plantar fasciitis using these shoes.

It is difficult to give clear advice on this. It is going to have to be a matter of trial and error to see if they can help your foot problem or not. If you want to try them, then the key os to use them only in small amounts initially and build up the use of them gradually.

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