What are they?

Chilblains are reddish colored lesions that normally occur on the toes as a result of changes in the temperature. They only occur in the colder climates. They are also itchy and painful. If they become chronic, they take on a darker blue color.

How to manage them?

The best way is to prevent them by keeping the feet warm with good socks and shoes. if the foot does get cold, then do not warm it up too quickly and give the circulation a chance to respond to the warming up slowly. If the chilblain develops, then keep it well protected and use a cream to gently to rub the area to stimulate the circulation.

When to see the doctor?

If it becomes chronic or the skin breaks down, then see a podiatrist or your doctor for more advice to manage the chilblains. Sometimes nifedipine is used for chilblains

More information

PodChatLive had this livestream on chilblains and it is worth listening to or watching:

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