Bunion Correctors

Can you doctor your own feet with bunion correctors? These are a splint or brace that you are supposed to wear at night and they are alleged to correct bunions, but do they?

bunion correctors

A lot of questions get asked in forums and social media about do bunion correctors work? There is a lot of opinion and information on them, some of it fake as it is so easy to fake the before and after photos. The bunions are the enlargement of the joint and hallux valgus is the deviation of big toe laterally and it is that deviation of the big toe that the bunion correctors are supposed to correct. So do they do it? They have been around for over a century, so that is more then enough time for research to have been done to investigate further. This has not been the case.

One study has shown that, yes there is a few degrees improvement in them angle of the toe after one months use. Is that enough to say they work and are worth using. No information is available if it corrects more with more than one months use, nor if that correction is sustainable for more then one month or if it go back if you stop using it.

So, are they worth using? Probably. There will be a small improvement in the angle, but and probably more important they will help keep the joint mobile and flexible which is a healthy thing.

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