An Abductory Twist

What is it?
An abductory twist, also sometimes called a medial heel whip is a sudden abduction or medial ‘whip’ of the heel just as the heel comes off the ground during gait. The cause is generally considered to be a foot that is overpronating when the leg is rotating in the opposite direction. These opposing motions continue to oppose each other until the weight comes of the heel and friction then can not stop the foot pronating it. There is also some thought that it could be due to a weakness of the adductor muscles in the hip.

How to manage it?
It is managed by managing the underlying cause of the overpronation and exercises to strengthen the hip adductor muscles.

When to see the doctor?
When the self managed treatment of the overpronation are failing to help. You will need to be assessed fro the exact cause that is underpinning it and a plan put in place to manage it.


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