The Circulation Booster

Circulation BoosterWhat is it?
The Circulation Booster is a product marketed with claims that it can boost the circulation to the foot and lower limb.

How does it work?
When we walk, the muscles in the leg contract. This contraction compresses the veins in the legs to help pump the blood back to the heart. This is good, healthy and how it is supposed to work. The Circulation Booster works by electrically stimulating the muscles to contract when you are sitting. This theoretically should help get the blood back to the heart.

Does it Work?
The research done on the Circulation Booster has shown that it does and can help the venous return and swelling around the ankle. It does not improve the arterial circulation or that circulation concerned with getting blood down to the foot and lower limb.

My Advice
You are better off going for a walk rather than sit there and have the muscles electrically stimulated. The walking will have the same effect at making the muscles contract to help return the blood back to the heart. The walking will also help the arterial circulation and be a lot better for you for a whole lot of other health reasons.

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