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Do MBT Shoes Work?

What are they? MBT shoes were originally development in Switzerland and were the first of the toning shoes to come on the market. These are shoes that are deliberately made unstable to encourage the muscles to work differently. The MBT … Continue reading

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Do magnetic insoles work?

What are they? These are insoles that have magnets embedded in them allegedly so that a magnetic field can be applied to the body. This allegedly has healing properties. Some of the claims for this are suggested to be due … Continue reading

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Foot Reading

Foot reading has become a recent trick doing the rounds at parties. There is a group of people known as foot readers who claim that they can determine a person’s personality by reading and looking at the characteristics of someone’s … Continue reading

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Functional Hallux Limitus

What is it? Functional hallux limitus is a problem in which the range of motion of the big toe (“hallux”) joint is limited (“limitus”) when the foot is weightbearing (“functional”). The limitation is not there when the foot is up … Continue reading

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